Multifamily Housing Tenant Documents

Due to our Multifamily Housing having two sources of funding, we are required to perform periodic re-examinations whereby we perform income verification and other types of verifications for both programs and there are slight variances between the two.  There are several documents which are required to be executed by the tenant upon initial entry and some at each annual renewal or interim change.  These documents are a part of the official tenant file and a copy of each is provided to the tenant.  Listed below are a copy of the blank documents.

How Your Rent is Determined 

Resident Rights and Responsibilities Brochure

Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) and You

Multifamily PBRA Lease 

Addendum #1        Multifamily Participation

Addendum #2        Partnership Rental Housing (PHRP)

                                   PHRP Exhibit A Tenant Contributed Services

Addendum #3         Housing Trust Fund Regulatory Agreement

Attachment #3        House Rules

Attachment #4        Violence Against Women Act

Attachment #5       Schedule of Tenant Charges

Attachment #6       Pet Ownership Policy