The Housing Authority of the City of Cumberland employs two Resident Service Coordinators to identify and assist residents in obtaining services to improve their quality of life.

Resident Services are shifting away from the “refer and link approach” and towards a more collaborative approach that meets the needs of residents in a sustainable and continuous manner.  We assess resident needs, help identify, coordinate services, and monitor receipt and follow through of services.

We create and sustain partnerships with community based supportive service providers and other community stakeholders that will help residents to identify and effectively manage their preventive health, education, literacy, employment and social service needs. Our goal is to help residents to utilize opportunities to become self-sufficient and independent.

The following are examples of the areas in which the Coordinators work with our residents and our community partners:

      • Employment/Career Guidance
      • Transportation
      • Social Security/Disability Benefits
      • Medical/Mental Health Needs
      • Education/GED/College/Vocational
      • Energy/Rent Assistance
      • Dental/Vision Assistance
      • Children/Family Activities
      • Nutrition/Meals/Food stamps
      • Financial Education
      • Conflict Resolution
      • Life Skills
      • Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment
      • Legal Aid Referrals
      • Domestic Violence
      • Eviction Prevention
      • Medicaid/Medicare/Insurance
      • Child Care

Most services are provided on site. Others may require short travel (usually within walking distance) to agencies elsewhere in the local community. Public transportation is in close proximity to all developments. Other arrangements such as taxi, mobility management and All Trans may be arranged for those who qualify.

With regard to our senior and disabled adult residents, Service Coordinators assist in accessing needed supportive services to allow the resident to maintain their independence and remain in their rental units for as long as possible.  We also assist these residents with applications for benefits and entitlement programs.

The Resident Service Coordinators plan, coordinate and/or conduct many resident activities at the development sites.  These events vary from presentations, hands on activities and group activities provided by churches, government agencies, social service providers and businesses who want to enhance the social economic life of our residents.