Smoke-Free Properties

In response to a HUD mandate that all Public Housing properties be Smoke Free by July 30, 2018, smoking is prohibited at all Cumberland Housing Group owned housing developments and offices.  This includes the interior of all rental housing units, hallways, sidewalks, parking areas, yards, common areas, and grounds.

No Smoking Policy Page 20 of the House Rules

HUD Smoke Free Fact Sheet

Drug and Alcohol-Free Properties

Residents of housing belonging to the Cumberland Housing Group is responsible to assure that the Tenant, occupants, guests, Tenant’s “family members” and any other persons “related to” or “affiliated with” the Tenant, shall not engage in any criminal activity that threatens the health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the HACC’s public housing premises by other residents or employees of the HACC.

Any drug-related criminal activity or possession of paraphernalia on or off the premises shall be cause for termination of tenancy, and for eviction from the unit.  (For the purposes of this lease, the term drug-related criminal activity means the illegal possession, manufacture, sale, distribution, use or possession with intent to manufacture, sell, distribute, or use, of a controlled substance as defined in Section 102 of the Controlled Substances Act.);

HACC will file for eviction through the District Court of Maryland against any person who HACC determines is illegally using or in possession of a controlled substance, or whose illegal use or possession of a controlled substance is determined by HACC to interfere with the rights of other Tenants.

The use of Medical Marijuana, while legal in the State of Maryland, is illegal under Federal Law; therefore, it is not permitted on Public Housing property, which is a Federal Program operated on Federally controlled property.

The consumption of alcohol outside of the residential unit is grounds for termination of tenancy if HACC determines that such activity interferes with the health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises by other Tenants.

All employees of the Cumberland Housing Group undergo pre-employment and unannounced random drug and alcohol testing during their employment.

Lead Free Properties

The Cumberland Housing Group takes the safety of our residents very seriously.  All of our properties except for two have been inspected and certified by a Maryland Department of the Environment Inspector as being Lead Free.

  • River Bend Court contained Lead Based Paint on limited non-tenant access areas prior to our major renovation.  All renovated buildings and currently occupied rental units are now certified as Lead Free.
  • Jane Frazier Village units are certified as Lead Free as of March 2022 by the Maryland Department of the Environment.

Radon Free 

All of our properties have been professionally tested for the presence of Radon and were found to be non existent or below the accepted standard.

Secure Facilities

The Cumberland Housing Group maintains secured facilities at John F. Kennedy, Queen City Tower, Willow Valley and Grande View Apartments.  As a secure facility, access is restricted to residents and staff.  Each resident is provided a key or access device which allows them to enter and exit freely from one or more doors.  Nonresidents, unwanted visitors, sales people, etc. are not capable of entering the building unless a resident allows them to enter.  Visitors are required to use the communication panel at each building entrance to contact the resident they wish to visit.  It is the resident’s decision to allow entry or not.  These systems will be converted in the future to provide updated tracking ability as to who enters and exits from what door and the time of such activity.

Video Surveillance

The Cumberland Housing Group is thoroughly concerned for the security of all residents, guest, staff and contractors.  We have installed video surveillance systems at each of our developments and offices.

Continuous feed monitors are located in all business offices of the Cumberland Housing Group which provides routine viewing by our staffs of all developments.  Additionally, our video surveillance system has a very large recording capacity which allows us to search previous weeks to obtain footage for a reported crime, lease infraction, insurance investigation and other needs.

The Cumberland Housing Group will not make the video surveillance system available to tenants, visitors, etc.  Should a complaint be made concerning a tenant or other activity which violates the residential lease and/or state law, the Cumberland Housing Group personnel shall have the ability to review recorded video footage to determine the validity of the claim and to determine any actions that are needed.

The Cumberland Housing Group strives to maintain a positive and close relationship with law enforcement agencies to prevent and minimize illegal activity within our developments. As part of this relationship, the Cumberland Housing Group actively forwards verbal and written information to law enforcement concerning reported or observed suspicious activity by tenants and guests.  In order to enhance the control of illegal activity at the Cumberland Housing Group developments, law enforcement also has access to our video recording system.

Security Patrol

The Security Patrol at the Cumberland Housing Group is not primarily a police or enforcement function, but a management program of positive prevention. The Cumberland Housing Group properties are more than residential areas.  They are communities with human security and safety as the main concern.

The purpose and responsibility of the Cumberland Housing Group Security Patrol shall be the protection and safety of The Cumberland Housing Group residents, visitors, property, and the enforcement of all The Cumberland Housing Group Rules and Regulations, Policies, and Procedures.

The Security Patrol provides periodic patrols of all parking lots, playgrounds, exterior areas, interior floors, restrooms, corridors, elevators, fire escapes, roof top access doors, laundry rooms, and common areas of The Cumberland Housing Group property and buildings.  They check exterior doors and windows of the community buildings, maintenance facilities, and main office for proper security.  They are responsible to enforce and report any violation of the Residential Lease, Additional Rules Regulations, Policies, and Procedures.

The patrol is required to respond to requests for assistance, emergencies, and calls for service.  They are to investigate, document and report any maintenance, safety, criminal, police or fire department activity and to work with the responding agency to mitigate emergencies.  They also enforce the Cumberland Housing Group parking policy, checking for violators and issuing citations and towing vehicles as directed.

Banning and Trespassing

The Cumberland Housing Group actively bans certain individuals from trespassing on our properties to ensure the safety, security and welfare of all legitimate residents and staff on all Cumberland Housing Group properties. The actions taken to ban individuals from the Cumberland Housing Group properties are in response to a previous or current history of criminal, drug, sex offence, assault, disturbances, loitering, pose a threat to the health and safety of Cumberland Housing Group Communities, or acting in a manner so as to disturb the safety and well-being of residents, staff, police and others.

A listing of all persons served a No Trespass Letter is maintained by the Cumberland Housing Group and updated copies are periodically provided to the: Cumberland City Police;

911 Communications Center; Security Patrol Officers; Any law enforcement or social service agency requesting a copy; and a copy is posted in each management office for public viewing.

Banning and Trespassing Policy

Risk Control Policy