The Cumberland Housing Group has no police powers nor do we have the authority to file charges or to prosecute in a court of law for the following serious issues involving our tenants:

Theft of personal property from a unit, common area or vehicle parked on our property

Disorderly conduct on housing property or Disturbing the Peace

Accusations of Child Abuse or Neglect

Domestic Abuse, Rape or Sexual Assault

Assault upon a tenant or between tenants

These matters are best served by contacting 911 and asking for police assistance.

If any of these actions were in violation of the Residential Lease Agreement, then the Cumberland Housing Group will take action in addition to whatever actions the law enforcement agency executes.

If you would like to file a complaint against one or more residents whom you believe is violating the lease, causing a disruption to your right to a peaceful enjoyment of your unit or other legitimate concern, you may download a Complaint Form or obtain one from any of our offices.  Complete the form in its entirety, sign it and place it in a sealed envelope.  You may drop it off at any of our office locations or mail it to the attention of:

Cumberland Housing Group

C/O Director of Property Management Services

635 East First Street

Cumberland, MD  21502

The form must be signed or it will be accepted only as hearsay and no action will be taken.  The Cumberland Housing Group will do all in its ability to keep your name out of any communications or actions taken to prevent any repercussions or retaliatory actions.  However, we cannot guarantee that it will not be necessary to involve you.

If you say or do nothing, then nothing will change.  Do your part and report!

We have often heard from those filing complaints that “nothing was done” or “they didn’t do anything”.  If a complaint form was completed and signed, then the complaint was investigated and the appropriate action taken.  Routinely, if the complaint is found to be valid, lease violations are issued, meetings are held with the person causing the problems or eviction proceedings are initiated.  Sometimes that action is forwarding to or involving another appropriate agency which then takes it out of our hands.  Lastly, State and Federal laws provide certain protections to the accused and the judicial process and results are out of our control.  This occasionally results in what is perceived as no action taken on our part but was simply an unfavorable result.

Due to privacy requirements, the Cumberland Housing Group is unable to provide a report back to the complainant or to discuss with anyone what actions are being taken against another tenant.  Please be assured that your executed complaint will be acted upon appropriately.