Emergency Maintenance Requests

If your maintenance request is one of the items listed below, it is considered an emergency request to us and requires immediate attention. Please call our 24 hour Maintenance line at 301-724-2055 which is answered by our staff or answering service.
1. Lock out

2. Gas leak or smell of gas

3. Clogged toilet (if there is only one toilet in the unit)

4. No heat in ENTIRE Unit – one room does not qualify as entire unit

5. Refrigerator does not keep food cold

6. Elevator not working

7. No electricity in TOTAL unit

8. Fire

9. Sewer back up

10. Major water leak – leak that is constant

11. Security System Call

12. No water (Hot or Cold)

13. Smoke Detector Malfunction

14. Clogged trash chute

15. Any report of bodily fluids in common areas

16. Report of an inoperable stove/oven

Non-Emergency Maintenance Requests

Do you have a non-emergency maintenance item which needs to be handled by our Maintenance Department? If so, please fill in and submit the Maintenance Request Form below which will be sent to our Maintenance Department. One of our employees will complete the repairs usually within 2 days but could be up to 30 days.

Maintenance Request Form