Section 214 Notice

HUD-5369 Instructions to Bidders

HUD-5369-A Statement of Bidders

HUD-5369-B dated 8/93 Instructions for NonConstruction Contracts

HUD-5369-C dated 8/93 Certifications and Representations of Offerors for NonConstruction Contracts

HUD-5370 General Conditions for Construction Contracts $150,000 and Above

HUD-5370-C Part I General Conditions for Non Construction Contract With or Without Maintenance Work

HUD-5370-C Part II General Conditions for Non Construction Contracts With Maintenance Work

HUD-5370-EZ General Contract Conditions for Small Construction Contracts Less than $150,000

HUD-5372 Construction Progress Schedule

Attachment No. 1 Form of Proposal Form 511

Attachment No. 2 Non Collusion Certificate Form 512

Attachment No. 3 Anti-Bribery Affidavit Form 513

Attachment No. 4 Profile of Firm Form 514

Attachment No. 5 Sample Contract Form 515

Attachment No. 6 Stipulation Against Liens Form 516

Attachment No. 7 Section 3 Policy, Procedure, and Contractor Checklist Form 517

Attachment No. 8 Client References Form 518

Attachment No. 9 Contractor Insurance Requirements Form 511

Attachment No. 10 Equal Employment Opportunity Certification Form HUD-92010

Attachment No. 15 RFQ Supplemental Instructions to Proposers & Contractors (SIPC)

Davis-Bacon Labor Standards  HUD DBW/ Labor Standards guide for Contractors  (for federally-assisted construction projects-August 2022 version)